Our network of dreamers, witches and technologists believe in caring technology

Andy Schmoll headshot
Andy Schmoll

Interaction Director

Georgie Grace  headshot
Georgie Grace

AI Interaction Designer

Michael Winder headshot
Michael Winder

Realization Director

Sumi Subramoniam  headshot
Sumi Subramoniam

Community Care Manager

Kristine Buerano headshot
Kristine Buerano


Emma Butson headshot
Emma Butson

Interaction Designer

Brie Code headshot
Brie Code

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Anthony headshot
Anthony Leung

Generalist Programmer

Amber Ward headshot
Amber Ward

Chief Operating Officer

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Chafic Mouharam

Operations Associate

TRU LUV welcomes people of all backgrounds who share our mission of caring technology.

Our founder cares deeply

Our founder and CEO Brie Code is passionate about personal transformation and community care. Brie combines 20 years of experience with systems thinking, systems design and AI architecture in the interactive space (Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed) with personal experience with marginalization and post-traumatic growth. After introducing the implications of tend-and-befriend to the video game industry in 2017, Brie rose as a global thought leader on the connections between team diversity, new forms of play and emotion AI. They've been called “a one-of-a-kind visionary, a sought-after changemaker, and an ambitious leader with an exhilarating passion for healing.”

Brie Code headshot

We're part of an emerging ecosystem of new forms of play


GLITCH is a global collective of bold new voices building the future of playable media. As a global ecosystem builder, GLITCH tips big ideas into action by delivering insights and early stage capital for people focused on innovations in play.


Rare Ltd. has been redefining gaming genres since 1985. TRU LUV is sharing our love and creative energy with our dear friends at Rare while contributing to their magical project Everwild.

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby Inc. is a global narrative development company based in Montreal telling better stories and diversifying the interactive landscape. Sweet Baby aims to make more engaging, fun, meaningful and inclusive experiences for everyone.

We're advised by leading innovators

tom gruber headshot
Tom Gruber

Tom Gruber is a product designer, entrepreneur and AI thought leader who uses technology to augment human intelligence. He was co-founder, CTO and head of design for the team that created the Siri virtual assistant. Tom promotes the philosophy of Humanistic AI in which the technology is used to augment or collaborate with humans, rather than competing with or displacing them.

Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal, PhD, makes resilience-building games. She is the author of two New York Times bestselling books: Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World and SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully. Her TED talks on how games can make a better world have more than 15 million views. She is also the inventor of SuperBetter, a game that has helped more than a million players recover from symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and traumatic brain injury.

Rodolfo rosini headshot
Rodolfo Rosini

Rodolfo Rosini is a technologist with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in AI, defense and cybersecurity, and two years spent as a seed VC investing globally in AI startups. Currently he is CEO of a stealth venture at the intersection of AI and pollution, as well as a competitive gamer in World of Warcraft. He's also the creator of Smart Mask News, a weekly newsletter about masks, AI and pollution.

TRU LUV is looking for partnerships with researchers at the intersection of tend-and-befriend, meditation and post-traumatic growth.

We're directed by ecosystem builders

JS Cournoyer

Co-founder and Partner at Real Ventures

JS supports mission-driven entrepreneurs and leaders on their journeys to realize presence and awareness in their lives and build impactful companies in alignment with the wellbeing of the collective. He is a co-founder of Real Ventures, supporting the Canadian startup ecosystem with leading accelerator FounderFuel, not-for-profit startup hub Notman House and Front Row Ventures. He is also a co-founder of Element AI.

Susana Meza Graham

Co-founder and Chairwoman, Aldeon

Susana holds several board positions and is an early investor in interactive tech companies worldwide. Previously she helped build Paradox Interactive, one of Sweden's largest listed games companies from the ground up first as Chief Marketing Officer and later as Chief Operations Officer. Susana is an active contributor to the Nordic game development community and a force for representation and diversity in interactive tech.

Julius Mokrauer

Managing Director, Evolve

At Evolve Ventures and Foundation Julius supports the evolution of consciousness. Julius is also an adjunct member of Columbia Business School co-teaching “Launching Social Ventures.” Previously, he was Managing Director/Fund Manager at Serious Change, one of the pioneering early-stage impact venture funds. Julius has been a serial entrepreneur, a proprietary trader on Wall Street and a group leader at Merck R&D.

TRU LUV demonstrates how our future is being built by conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and communities who embody love consciousness and co-create institutions in alignment with it.

JS Cournoyer

We're supported by mission-aligned conscious and impact investors

Real Ventures

Real Ventures backs visionary founders building innovative tech companies that will have large-scale positive impacts on society.

Evolve Ventures

Evolve Ventures supports visionaries who use technology to create platforms, applications and initiatives focused on alleviating inner suffering and facilitating personal transformation.

Bridge Builders Collaborative

Bridge Builders Collaborative is passionate about funding entrepreneurs that can help humanity evolve to deeper levels of conscious awareness.


Aldeon is an independent investment company focused on working alongside visionaries and their founding teams within the games and tech space from their early stages.


Artesian is an Australian-based global alternative investment management firm specializing in debt, venture capital and impact investment strategies.