TRU LUV is healing our relationship with technology.

Welcome to our world.

We believe in caring technology that intrinsically cultivates compassion and creativity in ourselves and each other.

We're creating nourishing experiences for refuge, resilience and transformation by inviting dreamers, witches and leading technologists on a shared journey. Together, we're reimagining technology through our energies of celebration, curiosity, love, intention and care. We're nurturing a new kind of tech company.

We make rituals.

TRU LUV is an emanant organization.

We're part of an emerging ecosystem of new forms of play.

We transmute existing models with love.

Join over two million people contributing to a new model for technology.

In our experimental app #SelfCare, we’ve proven our completely new interaction model of deepening care and compassion as a beautiful alternative to the gamification model of rising challenge, fear, shock or FOMO.

For two years, #SelfCare has been here to comfort you. With your help, we're now growing it into much more.

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#SelfCare bedroom at night