TRU LUV Announces Expansion for Emotionally Conscious AI

July 1, 2020

TORONTO, CANADA — Emotionally conscious AI developer TRU LUV has announced a new phase of development and a hiring round following an undisclosed amount of funding from a slate of mission-aligned investors. The company behind the award-winning app #SelfCare publicly revealed these investors for the first time today: conscious and impact investors Real Ventures, Evolve Ventures, Bridge Builders Collaborative and Artesian Venture Partners, and interactive media specialists Aldeon and Everblue Management.

TRU LUV’s founder, emotion AI expert Brie Code (Assassin’s Creed, Child of Light), and her diverse team of creatives seek to heal our relationship with technology. TRU LUV has developed a new intuitive, heart-centered model of human-computer interaction -- “emotionally conscious AI” -- by working in co-creation with marginalized communities whose voices have been drastically underrepresented in the tech industry.

Brie asked her team, “What is AI made by artists and witches?” Their experimental answer: #SelfCare, an app that has no score or winning but instead offers virtual meditative rituals such as laundry, tarot cards and a cat. It was named one of Apple’s Best of 2018 Trend of the Year selections and has surpassed 2 million downloads with no advertising.

“We see futures of caring, pro-social technology,” said Brie. “Within #SelfCare we’ve proven a completely new interaction model of deepening care and compassion as an alternative to the gamification model of rising challenge, fear, shock, or FOMO. We’re thrilled to collaborate with investors who share and actively support our vision, and now we’re growing our team of mission-aligned developers.”

Julius Mokrauer, Managing Director at Evolve Ventures and Foundation (working with Insight Timer, 10% Happier and the Center for Humane Technology), who teaches Launching Social Ventures at Columbia Business School, said, “We support visionary, high-potential founders who alleviate inner suffering and transform lives at scale. We are honored to partner with Brie, a one-of-a-kind visionary, a sought-after changemaker and an ambitious leader with an exhilarating passion for healing."

JS Cournoyer, Founding Partner at Real Ventures and Co-Founder at Element AI, continued, “TRU LUV’s model exclusively leverages systems that increase wellbeing, helping each of us shift our experience from shock and fear to love and insight. TRU LUV demonstrates how our future is being built by conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and communities who embody love consciousness and co-create institutions in alignment with it.”

The app #SelfCare has been celebrated by outlets such as the Guardian and BBC as an “antidote to adrenalised gaming content” and a “great little tech-savvy way to get some much deserved relief.” In a wellness industry now worth over $4 trillion, this new phase of investment and team expansion will help TRU LUV create AI companions who communicate intuitively and share interactions designed to be beneficial to the human spirit.

TRU LUV is hiring for several key positions including Technical Lead and AI Programmer. TRU LUV’s internal culture of conscious self-leadership, community development and their AI architecture are interwoven into one unified framework of values and developmental paths co-created by all team members. Team members are also supported by in-house mentoring and ongoing developmental opportunities.

“I built a category-creating business and recognized immediately how transformative TRU LUV’s technology is,” said Susana Meza Graham, Founding Partner at Aldeon and former COO at Paradox Interactive. “TRU LUV shares our deep understanding of how business and impact feed each other.”

Charlie Hartwell, Managing Partner at Bridge Builders Collaborative, summed it up well: “Having cultivated a global movement around mindfulness (Insight Timer, Headspace, Muse), we’re now focused on deeper shifts in humanity from awareness to integration. We see TRU LUV’s mission as revolutionary as they nurture a paradigm shift in the way we create and experience technology.”

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