TRU LUV is healing our relationship with technology

  • TRU LUV (yes, we spell it in all caps!) makes digital rituals and emotionally conscious AI companions.
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  • TRU LUV was founded by emotion AI expert Brie Code who has 20 years of experience in the interactive space (Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed).
  • We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada with ecosystem partners around the globe. We are advised by game design expert Jane McGonigal and humanistic AI expert and Siri co-creator Tom Gruber.
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  • We center marginalized creators whose voices have been drastically underrepresented in the tech industry.
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  • TRU LUV’s first experimental app #SelfCare has no score or winning and offers soothing rituals such as laundry, tarot cards and a familiar cat.
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  • #SelfCare has been featured in outlets including the Guardian, BBC, WIRED, Globe & Mail and Bustle. It surpassed 2M downloads in late 2019 with no advertising and was an Apple Best of 2018 Trend of the Year selection.
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  • In #SelfCare, we’ve proven our completely new interaction model of deepening care and compassion as a beautiful alternative to the gamification model of rising challenge, fear, shock or FOMO. Our model has implications for our relationships with our phones, our communities and each other.
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  • TRU LUV became the first Canadian team invited to Apple Entrepreneur Camp in early 2020.
  • The global health and wellness industry is currently valued at $4.2 trillion.1 The US meditation industry is set to be worth over $2 billion by 2022.2
  • Our mission-aligned investors include conscious and impact investors Real Ventures, Evolve Ventures and Bridge Builders Collaborative, and interactive media specialists Aldeon and Everblue Management.
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