We're an emanant organization

We create the conditions for our best work to emerge from our brave, kind hearts.

We've clarified the idea that a product is an expression of the conscious and unconscious assumptions of its creators into intentional frameworks and pipelines that draw on diversity, transformation and emergence to optimize for group intelligence and group resonance in a new kind of organization: the emanant organization (EO).


We know diverse teams outperform expert teams. We center marginalized creators, welcome multiple perspectives and examine ideas through multiple lenses to channel and hone intuition, counter bias and serve previously underserved audiences. We contribute to an emerging new tech ecosystem that shares our focus on diversity and equity.


We believe love creates better solutions than competition. We've cultivated an internal culture of conscious self-leadership and transformation, drawing on our knowledge of tend-and-befriend, love consciousness and transformational peer mentorship. We intentionally create resonance: group flow states of collaboration and co-creation.


Our team is on a shared transformational journey. Our products are artifacts of our iterative internal work. We've intentionally woven together our internal frameworks for diverse perspectives, conscious self-leadership and transformational peer mentorship together with our ritual and AI architectures into one unified model for emergent co-creation.

Our network of dreamers, witches and technologists see caring technology.

We transmute existing models with love.